HOW IPTV WORKS and how it’s changing the world of TV?

How Iptv Works And How Its Changing The World Of Tv

HOW IPTV WORKS and how it’s changing the world of TV?

How Iptv Works And How Its Changing The World Of Tv

IPTV is a game changer! Learn with us how does IPTV work.

IPTV is a revolution in the world TV. Here at TV-PRO-MAX we sincerely believe that IPTV is going to change how we look at the TV; and sooner or later it’s going to replace more and more the old broadcasting technologies such as TV signal and cable…, as a lot of people are turning towards the services of the Internet.  That’s why we are dedicating this article to the people who are curious about how IPTV works IPTV and want to understand how this game-changer is way better than the old broadcasting methods. We hope by the end of this article you gain more insights and knowledge about what is IPTV and how it works.

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What is Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)?

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is a new method of providing TV services from the Internet rather than the traditional methods that do that using radio signals, satellite signals, or cable TV. With IPTV you use your internet signal, either from WIFI or LAN to access your IPTV subscription such as the ones we have at TV-PRO-MAX


What are the main types of IPTV services?


Video-on-demand or VOD is one of the main services that everyone enjoys in their IPTV subscription service. The reason why is because with IPTV you get to access a huge library of VOD that stores all of the amazing TV shows, movies, programs, and all other kinds of video content. Moreover, the great thing about VOD is that you have full control over what you watch, how you watch it, and when to do that.

Timeshift Records

With IPTV subscriptions you can watch TV content that was broadcasted and you couldn’t catch it at its time. Therefore, you can watch a TV program that was live two hours ago for example, or a show that is broadcasted on different time zone. The features such as Catch-up TV, Start-over, and Pause TV are all provided with IPTV.

Live television

And of course, the service of watching live TV is included. You can broadcast TV shows, sports games and all sorts of other live programs in real-time with less latency

How IPTV works?

For us to understand how IPTV works we will discuss first how IPTV doesn’t work; that’s how we will understand better. Anyway, with the old methods of broadcasting TV services use radio waves that are beamed through the air, then, the antenna that you have on the roof of your home captures them. The signal that was captured by the antenna gets converted into an electrical signal that the TV can read. Cable, on the other hand, doesn’t work the same way. With cable, they use fiber-optics instead of radio waves, but the main concept is the same with both antennas and cables.

IPTV however, does things differently. We will discover that in the three paragraphs below.

Here’s how IPTV works:

  • Storage of content

Storage is a very important aspect, perhaps even the most essential feature of VOD. While live TV gets broadcasted as it’s recorded on the spot, programs that are prerecorded need to be stored up until the viewers access them whenever they want. That’s why the content of VOD is limited; they need to conserve storage for efficiency, and also the overall bandwidth use.

  • Preparation of content

In the process of delivering Internet Protocol television to the audience, the content needs to get through some steps before it’s ready. First, the content, be it prerecorded or live, has to be converted into a digital format that IPTV can read. However, that’s not a big of a deal nowadays, since almost all the content is recorded using a digital format. After that, when the content is in a digital format, it needs to be compressed. To ensure that the program gets broadcasted smoothly without buffering constantly, compression is the best method in the case of limited bandwidth. After the process of compression ends, any ads that will be included with the content are inserted and the whole file is encrypted.

  • Streaming of content

The process of streaming from the internet is essentially receiving information from another computer to your device.  The most important components in this process are servers. The servers are the powerhouses of the world of the internet. Thus, the servers are what allow such a thing as streaming videos to be possible. This is how IPTV works; it’s built around these machines. Thanks to the servers we can receive all of the information we need in a way that allows our computers to do little work. That’s why computers are small and affordable because servers do all the heavy work.

All of these steps are changing the way we will look at the media. IPTV is changing the game of TV thanks to the freedom it offers to the users. You no longer have to put up with how the traditional broadcasting methods control your watching habits. With IPTV you’re in control.

At TV-PRO-MAX, we believe that everyone should try IPTV and learn how IPTV Works. If you like to have a free trial please feel free to contact us. And if you want to check our IPTV products please click here.

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